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Bundles and Parent Albums:

henever you require 2 or more extra copies of the main album, even if you would like them in different sizes, with different paper types, covers materials or colours, then simply add them to your cart and enter the coupon code 'bundle'

A 15% discount will then be applied to the entire album order, meaning you make a saving on the parent albums AND the main album.

We feel this is an easier to use and more flexible system than offering 'packages' as it allows you to decide exactly what you would like.

When ordering smaller copies of the main album you do not need to send us separate files for each, simply send us the files for the main album and we will resize for any smaller copies.

The following popular album sizes downscale well as parent albums:

  • 16x12" main album = 12x9" or 8x6" parent albums
  • 14x10" main album = 12x8.5" or 7x5" parent albums
  • 12x12" main album = 10x10" or 8x8" parent albums

*Please note that the above discount only applies when sending us the same files for all copies, and do not apply to any of our press printed books. Separate orders should be placed for every order/client/set of files. Multiple albums should only be included on the one order if the same files are used for each album, i.e. more than one copy at the same size, or a main album plus smaller duplicates etc. This way the correct discounts will be applied and every unique order number will apply to one set of files, personalisation details and delivery address.